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Harness the power of AI

AI can enhance your creativity and productivity, and should be embraced, not feared. The courses The Academy will run are designed to help every part of the content business understand the opportunity, but also the threat, and integrate AI into daily operations.

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An Introduction to AI For The Content Business

One-day courses 2024
This one day course is designed to help creatives and executives working in the international content business understand the power of the new technology and the opportunities and threats it presents.

Course dates:
4 July 2024

AI for the Content Business:
Who Should Attend

Content Producers

To understand how AI can assist in content creation, recommendation, and personalization, thereby maximizing viewership and relevance.

Content Creators

Writers, directors, and editors who want to harness AI tools for idea generation, editing suggestions, and content optimization based on audience behavior.

Content Distributors
and financiers

To leverage AI-driven insights into audience preferences, market-leading shows, content trends and forecasting.

Start-ups & Entrepreneurs
in the TV space

To understand the competitive landscape, seek opportunities for innovation, and determine how AI can provide an edge in the market.

Broadcast Technicians

For insights into how AI can optimize broadcast schedules, predict equipment malfunctions, or streamline production workflows.

Post-production Teams

With AI tools evolving in areas like automated editing, colour correction, and sound design, these professionals can enhance their skills and efficiency.

TV Executives and
Decision Makers

So they can make informed decisions about where to invest resources and how to strategically position their television businesses in the face of AI innovations.

Stay ahead of the curve

Anyone involved in the television business who wishes to stay ahead of the curve, enhance their skill set, optimize content delivery, and understand the future trends driven by AI should consider attending our An Introduction To AI For The Content Business. There are a range of available dates to choose from.

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