An Introduction to AI For The Content Business

This one day course is designed to help creatives and executives working in the international content business understand the power of the new technology and the opportunities and threats it presents.

From writers and creators, producers, channels, platforms, distributors, financiers and other parts of the value chain the course provides practical ‘how to’ and best practice training to help navigate the complex issues in the fast-moving landscape.

Draft agenda (subject to change)

9:00am –

The course runs in classroom style and is fully interactive, with Q&A running throughout the day and a networking lunch with the speakers.

9:30am –

Dan Taylor-Watt
Media consultant and AI expert.

● What is AI?
● Why has it suddenly exploded?
● How is it currently being used?
● What might it mean for media and for society?
● How should we respond?

● A basic understanding of what AI is and how it works.
● Some useful ways of thinking about AI.
● An understanding of ways in which AI is currently being used.
● Insights into what AI might mean for media and for society.
● Practical steps to further develop your understanding of AI.

11:00am –
11:30am –

Holly Rowlands-Hempel
Producer, The Connected Set

Practical video demonstration of 20 user-friendly AI tools that can be deployed through the lifecycle of a TV production, from conception through to delivery, using a recent production case study that used these tools. At least 75% of these tools are suitable for complete beginners, and are free or low-cost to use.

Demos will include:

● Text based AI chatbots
● AI driven insights/research tools
● Project planners
● Team productivity tools
● Deck creation
● Generative Image tools
● Generative Video/Animation
● Motion Graphics
● Voice reproduction and voiceover
● Automated transcription
● Legal co-pilots
● AI driven archive search
● Text based rushes search tools
● Automated editing
● Reversioning and social optimization
● Translation and localisation
● … and more

● A list of 20 AI tools you can deploy on your developments and productions straight away.
● Knowledge of how these tools can be used in practice, delivered through live video-based demos, that you could easily reproduce with your own teams.
● Understanding some of the limitations of available tools.
● A sneak peak at how the capabilities of these tools may expand in the future.
● Good prompting in action.

2:00pm –

Anton Dvorkovich

In this 45 minute lecture we take a look at how AI dubbing will provide new commercial opportunities and how you can harness them to mine new revenue streams.

3:00pm –

Hannah Wylie, Partner, Harbottle & Lewis LLP
Caitlin McGivern, Senior Associate, Harbottle & Lewis LLP

An easy-to-understand session building on some of the topics covered throughout the day, exploring the legal considerations of using generative AI in the entertainment industry. We will discuss how to reduce legal risks, and considerations from a deal-making perspective, when utilising generative AI tools.

● How different stages of the generative AI workflow create different risks
● Legal and commercial considerations with respect to use of AI across development, production and exploitation of projects; and
● Practical examples of measures and approaches to mitigate risk.

Key legal and commercial considerations to bear in mind when using generative AI to create material, and when exploiting materials which have been created by generative AI.
● Practical steps you can take when entering into contracts in the entertainment industry where the use of AI-authored materials is envisaged.

4:15pm –

● Open floor for questions
● Summary of Key Takeaways
● Networking and Closing Remarks

4:45pm –
Level: Beginner
Location: Kings Cross, London
Course length: One Day
Dates: See below
Price: £599

Group discounts are available, email [email protected] for more information.


Dan Taylor-Watt

Dan Taylor-Watt is a digital consultant and media analyst. He helps media organisations realise the potential – and avoid the pitfalls – of digital technologies. Dan spent 20 years at the BBC developing its audio and video streaming services. He led the development of BBC iPlayer from 2013 to 2021 and BBC Sounds from its inception in 2017 to 2021. He now works with a wide range of media companies around the world on their digital strategy and execution, with a particular focus on AI.

Hannah Wylie and Caitlin McGivern

Hannah Wylie and Caitlin McGivern are lawyers at Harbottle & Lewis. They advise clients in the film and television industries about development, financing, production and exploitation of films and television series. Their firm has recently seen an explosion interest about the use of generative AI across their client base. Hannah has recently spoken on a panel at the London Film Festival and at a Pact event about the use of AI in the industry.

Holly Rowlands-Hempel

Holly Rowlands-Hempel work at The Connected Set, a multi-platform production company producing formats at the intersection of television, midform and shortform, for clients including the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the UK. The Connected Set has been an early adopter of AI tools, using them extensively across their development and productions, and has been delivering practical AI training sessions for UK broadcasters and freelancers on how AI tools can boost productivity and creativity.

Anton Dvorkovich

Anton Dvorkovich is an experienced entrepreneur and engineering manager, with a focus on breaking down language barriers through technology. He has over a decade of experience, primarily in natural language processing (NLP) and large-scale machine learning (ML) projects.

Anton Dvorkovich is recognized as a leading expert in the field of Machine Translation. Additionally, he plays a significant role in the academic and professional community as a co-organizer of the WMT Conference, which is a notable event in the machine translation sector.

As the CEO of Dubformer, an Al dubbing startup, Anton Dvorkovich is at the forefront of media localization revolution, leveraging Al to transform the way media content is adapted for global audiences. His work with Dubformer underscores his commitment to utilizing advanced technology in media and entertainment, particularly in the realm of Al-driven solutions.