Hannah Wylie and Caitlin McGivern

Hannah Wylie and Caitlin McGivern are lawyers at Harbottle & Lewis. They advise clients in the film and television industries about development, financing, production and exploitation of films and television series. Their firm has recently seen an explosion interest about the use of generative AI across their client base. Hannah has recently spoken on a […]

Monica Landers

Monica Landers brings decades of experience in adopting new technologies, offering a unique perspective from both the start-up and the corporate point-of-view. Monica’s passion for technology-driven creativity is the cornerstone of her current venture, StoryFit and her two technology patents underscore her trailblazing approach to media. From her roots as a Segment Producer for ABC […]

Jason Mitchell and Holly Rowlands-Hempel

Jason Mitchell and Holly Rowlands-Hempel work at The Connected Set, a multi-platform production company producing formats at the intersection of television, midform and shortform, for clients including the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in the UK. The Connected Set has been an early adopter of AI tools, using them extensively across their development and […]

Dan Taylor-Watt

Dan Taylor-Watt is a digital consultant and media analyst. He helps media organisations realise the potential – and avoid the pitfalls – of digital technologies. Dan spent 20 years at the BBC developing its audio and video streaming services. He led the development of BBC iPlayer from 2013 to 2021 and BBC Sounds from its […]